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Increasing the efficiency of an AC system results in various benefits; it saves you money, it increases the life of your AC and it becomes your contribution to save the ecosystem with limited energy expenditure. There are also several ways to increase the efficiency of your AC system without spending a buck.

Spacious Attic and Glazing

A good buffer provided by a spacious and ventilated attic helps in absorbing and dissipating the scorching heat of the sunlight before it reaches the room’s ceiling. You don’t have to run your AC system for long hours if the ceilings of your rooms are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Another way to make sure that your house doesn’t absorb more heat from the outside is to use tinted window panes or get the glass on doors and windows coated with UV reflectors. Insulated glazing can also help in restricting the passage of heat inside the house.

Insulation inside the house

Apart from protecting the house from the outside to increase the cost effectiveness of your AC system, insulating the house’s interior also serves the purpose well. Sealing the gaps and cracks around the ducts, windows and doors ensure that the cooled environment of the interior can be maintained for a longer time period.

Limit the use of appliances during the day time

We all have different home appliances installed that dissipate a great amount of heat inside the house. During daytime, when your house already gets heated up due to the external temperatures, the amount of heat generated by home appliances (oven, iron, dishwasher and lights with higher power ratings) also adds up to increase the load on your AC system to maintain the suitable temperatures.

The restricted use of all appliances that generate a considerable amount of heat during the daytime will save you money of keeping the home cool and also increase the life of your AC unit.

Set the Interior’s Design accordingly

The ambiance of the interior of your house is also a very important factor in increasing the efficiency of an AC system. An interior styled with dark colors will take more time to attain the desired temperature because dark colors are more heat-absorbent. Using a light and reflective color scheme for the walls and upholstery will ensure that there will be less heat absorption inside the house.

Thermostat Settings

We all know that thermostat settings play a part in controlling the temperature as well as the power consumption of the AC. Thus, having a programmable thermostat alongside your AC system will be very helpful for you to increase the cost effectiveness of the AC.

Programmable thermostats save a great amount of energy by changing the temperatures throughout the day accordingly. For instance, during the day, when no one is home, or during late hours, when everyone is in bed, the thermostat will adjust the temperature settings accordingly.

Take care of the Condenser Unit

Many people often overlook the state of the condenser unit of the AC that is fitted outside. Make sure that the condenser unit is fitted in a clutter-free space and is provided with a shelter. This helps your AC system in working efficiently because a properly working condenser unit ensures the transfer of heat from the inside to the outside of the house effectively.




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