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If you are living in an area which experiences intermittent hot days, then you may find the installation of central air conditioning system pricier and out of your budget. In that case, window air conditioners can be a better option due to their affordability and easy installation.

In choosing the right window AC for your house, there are certain factors that should be considered.

Cooling Capacity of the AC unit

The cooling capacity of an AC unit is usually measured in British Thermal Units (BTU). To get the most suitable power ratings of an air conditioner for your place, choose the value of BTU according to the area which is supposed to be provided with air conditioning.

For instance, to get the desired temperature in an area of 100-150 sq ft, a window air conditioner with 5000 BTU per hour will be enough. For more accurate estimation of the cooling capacity to ensure more efficiency and effectiveness of the air conditioner, you can also take into account some other factors.

  • If your home ceilings are higher than 8 ft, then you might need a higher BTU number because the energy capacity of air conditioners is measured with the assumption of conventional 8-ft high ceilings.
  • If the room that is going to have the window AC installed, is exposed to direct sunlight, then you should increase the BTU value by 10 percent for better cooling.
  • People density in the room is also a factor which should be kept in mind to pick the window AC with the right cooling capacity. If the room is occupied by one or two people, then you don’t need to go for more BTUs. However, if more than two people are going to occupy the room, then you should increase the value of power by 600 BTUs per person.

Type of AC Chassis

Many people are not aware of the different chassis types that come in window ACs. A chassis is the frame that supports a window air conditioner and there are two types; fixed chassis and a slide-out chassis.

To choose the right type of chassis, you should know whether you are going to install your window AC in a window or through a wall because a window AC with a fixed chassis is only good to be installed in a window. If the dimensions of the window are too small or too large, then you should buy a window AC with a slide-out chassis. There are experts available who can install window ACs through a wall without compromising on the efficiency of the unit.

Look for Energy Star Ratings

Room or window air conditioners that are rated with Energy Star consume 10% less energy than the same AC units without those ratings. Those efficient AC models cut your expenditure on energy by saving the money on operating costs.

By keeping in mind the above factors when purchasing a window AC unit for your house, you can make the right choice to fulfill your air conditioning needs.




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