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In summers, with home designs that we are living in, it becomes unbearable to live without a functional AC units in the house. If you are going to buy an AC unit this summer to make your summers bearable then pick the right one by considering the following things.

Suitable Capacity

If you are buying an AC unit for a specific room or Area in your House then the square footage of that specific area should be kept in mind. Even though there are no universal estimations to tell which area size need what capacity but there are some rough estimations which suggest the capacity of cooling according to the floor size. For example, 120-140 square feet of floor needs 1 ton of cooling capacity and 150-180 square feet of area will need 1.5 ton of cooling capacity.

Getting the right AC unit according to the space is important for your convenience and economics. If you fit the smaller space with oversized capacity then a considerable amount of energy will be wasted and will result in costly electricity bills.

Energy Efficiency of an AC unit

In summers when AC units are running for most of the time, they become the biggest consumer of the household energy supply. In some cases, nearly 40% of the whole energy consumption of a house is used by AC units therefore it is necessary to look into the energy efficiency of the AC unit that you are going to buy. There is a standardized rating defined by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency called EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio).

The EER of an AC unit is a ratio between the cooling output generated by the unit and the energy that it consumes.  Higher the EER, higher the star rating will be given to the AC unit and it will consume less energy than the ones with lower ratings. You may find high EER AC units costly but in a long run they become more reasonable because they save your money every month in electricity bills.

Go according to the Budget

There are several types of AC units offered by several brands that you can easily find in the market. However there are chances that not all these different models and types will come in your budget. Thus go with your budget, otherwise you might be facing financial constraint in future. To get an economical AC unit, look for the prices of different brands who offer the model with same features such as cooling capacity (tonnage), energy rating and warranty period and then pick the one that you find suitable in your budget.

Warranty Period and After Sale Service

Go for the brand and model that provides with the longest warranty period in which they are liable to replace the AC unit if faces an unexpected fault. Also look for those dealers who provide with complimentary services for a certain period of time.

Picking the right AC unit will be make your life easier for years to come because you will not need to replace your AC unit soon and you might be saving your valuable money with reduced electricity bills.  




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