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The importance and utility of air filters fitted with air conditioning units only gets noticed when they get clogged and becomes ineffective. Air filters are responsible for maintaining the quality of the air in your house. A good air filter ensures the minimum amount of pollutants, pollens and allergens in the environment of your house.  

However, when an air filter gets faulty and clogged then it can result in various inconvenient consequences for your air conditioning unit:

  • HVAC systems throw and circulate the air with blower fans; in case of dirty and clogged air filter, the blower fan has to work harder in order to maintain the airflow. Not only will it consume more energy which will result in costly bills, but there are chances that it would wear out due to the added strain.
  • When air filters don’t let pass the air conditioned air, then your house might not get the air that it needs from the HVAC system. Temperature sensors that regulate the temperature by directing the HVAC system to work accordingly will also fail to register the temperatures which are then signaled to HVAC system to operate accordingly. This entire disturbance with your air conditioning only results in less home comfort for you.
  • When air filters are not working properly then there is another problem that you can face in the form of freezing in your air conditioning. When the cooled air can’t travel out of the ducts then your air conditioning system can face the risk of freezing up. In that case, you will have to change the air filter and get your air conditioning unit serviced.
  • In case of faulty air filters, dust particles and other pollutants don’t get filtered out and they can settle down in ducts and other house surfaces. The gradual accumulation of those different unhealthy particles in ducts can become a constant source of pollution in the environment of your rooms and lounge and remember that it is easier to change the air filter of your air conditioning rather than to get in the arduous exercise of duct cleaning.
  • The dirty surfaces of air filters can also become the incubators for bacteria and mold growth. The growth of these microorganisms occurs in the form of colonies and that can further increase the hindrance to the circulating year. The problem can also be amplified if this unwanted growth happens on the other side of the filter then the air in your house will be filled more with allergens and pollutants.

When it’s time to change the air filter of your Air Conditioning

In summer time, when air conditioning units run for long hours then professionals advise that you should change the air filters after two to three months. Although, if you are living in an area that has more pollen in its environment or if you own a pet then it is better to change the air filter earlier.

By changing the air filters regularly, you can save a lot of your money that you have to spend on the repairing and services of you air conditioning unit.




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