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It is quite obvious that portable air conditioners are different from the centrally fitted HVACs and wall mounted air conditioners. They are smaller in size and lesser in weight and can be easily moved from place to place thus called portable. Portable air conditioners come with various designs and features.

How Portable Air Conditioners are installed and used?

The underlying working of portable air conditioners is similar to conventional air conditioning systems but they are smaller in size and provided with mobility. For the installation of a portable air conditioner, you don’t need a professional because you can easily do it yourself. Just make sure the following features are available, where you want to install or rather put your portable air conditioner.

  • There must be some space available on the floor of the room where you want to setup your portable AC unit. Unlike traditional AC units, Portable units occupy some of the floor space of your room.
  • An electrical point from where you can supply power to the portable air conditioner.
  • Since portable air conditioners are fitted with sever feet long exhaust hose which is used to throw hot air outside, the room must have an opening to accommodate that exhaust pipe.

If you make sure that these three features are available in your room then you can easily install a portable air conditioner in that room.

Since portable air conditioners works on the same principle of cooling as of traditional ACs, they also produce condensate. However, the condensate is reused to cool the unit but after a while condensate may accumulate. This excess condensate can be removed through manual or evaporative removal.

Manual Removal

You have to manually remove the condensate that is collected in a tray that is placed inside the unit.

Evaporative Removal

It is an automatic removal of condensate via evaporation through the main exhaust pipe.

Where can Portable Air Conditioners be used?

Due to their smaller size and maneuverability, they are used to cool the smaller spaces or when some wants a quick spot cooling of some area.  For instance it can be suitable for:

  • Small office chambers
  • For a single person use in apartments and homes
  • Spaces where it is not feasible to install large air conditioning units

There are no specific guidelines as where to use a portable AC unit so it can be used wherever you find it useful and convenient.

Benefits of Portable Air Conditioners


Obviously their portability is one of the selling points of portable ACs. Most of them are fitted with Omni-directional casters and therefore can be moved wherever you want to use them.

Easy to Install

Since Portable AC doesn’t require permanent mounting and fittings, you can easily install it yourself.

Easily Affordable

 If you don’t want to spend money on making your home centrally air conditioned then you fulfill your cooling needs with less expensive portable ACs.

If you think that Portable air conditioners can be more useful for you than the traditional AC units then go for one.  




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