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Running the AC unit throughout the summer season has become a basic necessity for households and offices where even a day without running AC units becomes unbearable. Therefore, if you find any of the problems that are discussed below, then you should immediately call for an AC repair services to resolve them.

Unusual Sounds

Usually, the sound that an air conditioner unit produces becomes the part of ambient noises and people stop to notice those sounds. However when some unusual noises start to come out of an AC unit then they can be easily distinguishable from the usual sound of a running AC unit. For instance, a squealing sound might indicate a problem with the compressor belt or clattering noises that can be produced due to some loose fitting of any internal component of an AC unit.

If you encounter those sounds coming from your AC unit that you are not familiar with then you should immediately call for a professional AC repair services.

When an AC Unit Is Throwing Warm and Dry Air

Air conditioning units are supposed to provide the environment with cool air, and if your AC unit is not performing this basic task then you might need to look at the evaporator coil. When evaporator coils freeze up, they often make AC units blow warm air. By defrosting the coil, you can solve this issue easily. But if this is happening frequently or even if the defrosted coil is not helping the cause, then there might be some other problem with your AC unit, in which  case, professional help is required.

Uneven Temperature Changes

If the temperature inside the house has been experiencing extreme changes due to the air coming out of your AC system, then call for AC repair and maintenance professional services. Theses drastic temperature changes usually occur due to some problem with the thermostat. It might need recalibration or in cases where the thermostat has completed its life, you will be advised to get a new one.

Unusual Smell

Air conditioners are responsible to provide the environment with clean air, but if you experience any unusual and odd smell , there might be some trouble with your AC unit.  AC units can produce funny odors when their drains get overflowed, which cause the molds and bacteria to grow. Odors can also be produced due to an ineffective air filter. If you are not sure about the reason behind the unpleasant smell, then it is better to call an AC repair service. They will professionally deduce the problem that is causing this issue.

When an AC Unit Entirely Goes Off

When your AC unit is not even getting powered on then it may be an indication of some bigger problem. First, make sure that the circuit breaker through which the AC unit is getting the power has not tripped. If that doesn’t help, then call for AC repair services. After checking your AC unit, they will tell you whether it is repairable or you have to install a new AC unit.

Noticing the problem with your AC unit and promptly calling for a professional help is necessary for the uninterrupted comfort of air conditioning. If you are experiencing any of the problems mentioned above, get in touch with the professionals.




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