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An air conditioning system that works efficiently and without any hiccups is very important and crucial during the scorching days of summer. To ensure the sound working condition of your home air conditioning units, AC repairers and services providers have very crucial role. However there are cases where your AC doesn’t work properly and you can look out for the problem by yourself.  In this article we will shed light on those instances where you don’t necessarily require the services of air conditioning repair and maintenance.

Check your Thermostat

Thermostats are responsible to regulate and set the temperatures through air conditioning systems. It often happens that air conditioning seems to work inefficiently or in cases doesn’t work at all due to some problem with thermostat.  Most thermostats work with battery power and due to weak batteries thermostats stop working which results in the improper functioning of your AC unit. You can get thermostat batteries easily from AC repairers.

If you are sure that batteries are in good condition then check the position of thermostat whether it is set on auto mode and cool position. If you don’t have digital thermostat, then get one because it can save a considerable amount of energy when your house is unattended and you will be able to cut down your bills.

Look if closed Registers are slowing down your AC

If you are feeling that your AC unit is not providing you with the adequate supply of cool air then before calling the AC repair and maintaining services, look for the closed registers. People often close the registers in unused rooms to save the energy but closing too many registers can disturb the airflow of your air conditioning unit and that can result in inefficient working of the AC unit.

Make Sure the Circuit Breaker hasn’t Tripped

Yes, it is entirely possible that your AC unit is not working just because the circuit breaker is tripped. Tripped circuit breaker cuts of power to the Ac unit therefore check and reset it (just move it to off position and then on it again). If the circuit breaker is getting stuck and you are not sure of its position then it is betters to call for the professional help.

Take a look at the condenser unit

A working condenser unit is very important to move the hot air out. If you are sensing that your AC is taking more than the usual time to decrease the temperature of your rooms then you should go out and check the condition of the condenser unit.  If it is covered or blocked with debris and other items then remove them because they restrict the outward flow from the condenser unit.

Are Air Filters Clean?

Many people face the inconvenience of troubled AC units because they ignore the timely replacement of air filters. A clog air filter can not only affect the efficiency of your AC unit but it can also result in untimely repairing costs that can be easily avoided.




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